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Peter Patience

Peter Patience is the cherub with a heart of gold. Peter teaches patience to the children, assuring them that their God will answere their prayers in His time. Peter has light brown, soft, curly hair that falls above his shoulders. His eyes are a piercing dark brown but are alive with innocence. His cheek bones sit high on his pale face, and with his joyful laugh the hidden dimple in his right cheek pulls your attention from his beautiful eyes. His soft full lips round out his expressive face. His wings are royal blue. He flies on a white winged horse, and is often heard and seen rallying the other angels. Peter’s symbol is the olive branch. When our faith is tested, we must have the steadfastness of the olive tree. It is the oldest and strongest tree in the forest. Anything of value takes time and patience to master as we see in the olive tree that takes 100 years to grow a strong branch.

Jesse Justice

Jesse Justice is a righteous cherub who stands up for what he believes. He is a warrior cherub ready to fight the cause for God. Jesse has sun-drenched golden blonde hair that always seems to be blowing in the wind. His almond- shaped light blue eyes that are enhanced by his slightly raised questioning brow seem to look right through you. His glistening turquoise- colored pastel wings seem to change intensity as often as his attitude. Jesse rides in a golden chariot and is most often seen throwing his symbol, the eight pointed star into the night.

Thomas Truth


Thomas Truth is the cherub who is committed to bringing forth the truth in every situation. Thomas’s lightly tanned and radiant skin is a beautiful backdrop to his hazel eyes and medium ash brown hair. His fluffy pastel green wings compliment his clothes that express his individuality. Krista often finds him gliding just above the rolling hills of Inspirit on his silent skateboard enjoying his freedom. Thomas’ symbol is a white dove because it represents truth.

Hannah Hope

Hannah Hope is responsible for turning the children’s tears of sadness into tears of joy by teaching them hope. Hope helps us to pray with the faith and confidence that God is listening. Hannah has strawberry blond hair, soft freckles about her light complexion, and green eyes. Her wings are pastel orange and she loves to hold kittens because they make the children’s hearts smile. When Hannah teaches the virtue of hope she is rewarded with a unique butterfly. The butterfly’s unique artistic design is what makes it so beautiful and different from another. Just as God took it’s time to create this masterpiece, so He did with each of us. Hannah is fierce about her beliefs, and as such, she is partnered with a beautiful lion with a mane of gold that carries her to her missions. 


Laja Love



Laja Love is a cupid-like cherub who loves to bring joy to the children’s hearts, and to subside feelings of anger and indifferences amongst friends. By showing us that God created us out of love and are loved unconditionally, she teaches us to love each other and ourselves. She has chestnut brown hair with a natural spiral curl woven between straighter strands, almond-shaped eyes of brown, and a rosy complexion. Her wings are pastel red, and she rides through the clouds on a mystical dolphin that is brilliant in color. She carries with her a bow and the arrows are roses. When the roses hit, they burst into petals and hearts, emitting love and forgiveness.

Chloe Charity

Chloe Charity is our cherub who loves to give of herself. She teaches that we need to give with our hearts and our souls even when we don’t have the things or emotions to give. Chloe is a beautiful cherub with golden blond wavy hair and bluish- green eyes. Her complexion is of a light tone, and she has little wings of pastel purple. Chloe rides an illuminating unicorn that is full of rainbow colors on its tail and mane, and bestows a golden horn and golden wings. Her symbol is a shiny coin with the inscription of “Inspirit” on it. This coin is a reminder that even if we are down to our last penny, giving of ourselves to others will put us on a path to a moral and virtuous life.

Francesca Faith

Francesca Faith is the cherub who has much to give, and it shows with her great faith. She reminds us that all we need is the "faith of a mustard seed" and we can move mountains.  Her beauty is accentuated by her yellow wings, and wavy light brown hair. Her face is round, full, and radiant with a light olive-tone complexion and sparkling blue eyes. Francesca elegantly rides the tides of Heaven on her spirited crystal seahorse. When Francesca teaches the virtue of faith to the children, she is rewarded with a golden symbol of the fish. In ancient times the fish represented the greek leter a- alpha. This is significant since our Lord said, “I am the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the ending.” The fish is a constant reminder that we must be steadfast in our faith and never lose sight of our purpose.


Inspirit is where a special group of 7 cherub angels live. Each cherub has been blessed with a virtue that is special to them, and together they work on missions that guide God’s children of all ages, race or creed. They are guided by Krista. Krista gives the cherubs motherly love and guidance. She is also responsible for revealing to the angels their missions. She is kind and compassionate to their needs. As a seraphim angel, she has long dark hair, and sparkling green eyes. Her skin is a creamy ivory that radiates a beautiful face and warm smile. Her gown is long, white, and flowing. Her golden wings are made of the softest feathers that when expanded, have the ability to wrap around the cherubs like a warm blanket on a chilly night. Embedded in her glistening halo are jewels of every color, and it is accentuated by her aura of bluish-gold hues. Her presence is comforting, reassuring, and divine, and the cherubs go to her for consoling when they need a lift.


Uriel is an archangel who's name means “Fire of God”. It is his job to bring truth into the eyes of the beholder. He has roamed the heavens and the earth since the dawn of his creation, and has seen the light and darkness in all things. He has endless, beautiful stories that weave the tapestry of mankind, even in the wake of darkness and pain. In pain, there is hope and in hope, faith. God is always waiting in the depths of despair. You just need to see the truth. These timeless stories tell the journeys of souls finding their way back to Heaven. He will assist you in this journey.







          Fatima Angel Prayer
O Most Holy Trinity, Father,
Son and Holy Spirit, I adore
Thee profoundly. I offer Thee
 the most precious Body, Blood,
 Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ
 present in all the tabernacles of
the world, in reparation for the
outrages, sacrileges and
indifferences by which He is
offended. By the infinite merits
of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and
the Immaculate Heart of Mary
I beg the conversion of poor sinners.
Exciting NEWS Update!!!
~Carina Magalski's artwork has been submitted to an international online art museum called Artsonia! You can check out this gifted artist's artwork HERE! God bless you Carina.
~Mrs. Bowling's 1st grade class at Trinity Catholic Elementary School in Columbus, OH has joined our  "Inspirit: For the Kids by the Kids Program" and have written stories about the Cherubs in Training and  illustrated pictures for publication with the help of their art teacher Ms. Finkle!  Thank you so much, we are so excited to see your work!
~ St. Joan of Arc's Youth  Group called "True Life" is living Inspirit by practicing a spiritual life in a materialistic world.  Check these awesome teens out at  STJOANSPOD.COM!

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